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Who is White Paw?

My name is Ilari, I am an Italian artist with two great passions: illustration and cats! The artistic and design studies have allowed me to create the brand you know today as White Paw, a space of my own where I can express my creativity and my love for cats.

What can I do for you?

Who better than a cat lover knows what a cat lover wants? My work is constantly evolving so that the uniqueness that distinguishes each of your four-legged friends becomes something unforgettable! I don't use any automatic application to create my illustrations, the whole process is done by hand with the use of professional graphics programs; full control of the drawing ensures me to grasp the expressiveness and details that make each portrait original.
Professionally I care a lot about the precision and cleanliness of my works, my passion in drawing does the rest :) I often get attached to you and your cats, I like to get in touch with my customers and share with them the joys that every cat lady knows!

Pisitta, Pabassina & Piricchitta: adopt don't shop!

Pisitta, the nice crooked-eyed Siamese has been with us since she was three months old, now she is two. Having grown up with a Siamese cat too, it was love at first sight! His passion is sleep, cleanliness and food, preferably stolen from the table!

The decision to take a second cat arose spontaneously at the sight of an adoption announcement; I have a soft spot for Ragdoll cats and being Pabassina a pocket-sized Ragdoll-like pocket, how could I say no? We waited for more than a month given her serious health conditions, although we didn't know if she would make it, but finally having her at home was the best Christmas present! Pabassina is now one year old and pure dynamite, she loves to chat, play and taste everything you are snacking on, including apricots!


Exactly one year after the second adoption, Piricchitta becomes part of our family, a tiny Siamese tabby point orphan but raised with a lot of love by her two older sisters.

The rest is history, they are my three great muses and I gladly share their adventures on my social profiles!

Thank you for visiting me, you are welcome to my beautiful paw family! Enjoy your stay, I hope you like my world :)

- White Paw -
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